2011 LeadPress Mortgage Website Updates

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Posted by on January 3rd, 2011

2011 is going to be an exciting year for LeadPress users as we implement new features, new pricing plans and improve our communication with more frequent updates.

New LeadPress Features for 2011

  1. Improved Communication: We haven’t done as good of a job as we should have communicating new LeadPress features and updates. We will be changing the way we communicate with monthly or bi-monthly updates, tips and tutorials via the LeadPress blog and newsletter updates. You can also subscribe to our RSS FEED if you would like to use your RSS reader to keep up to date.
  2. FREE Text Logo: All LeadPress clients now get FREE text logos! These used to be $95 each, but not anymore! IIf you don’t have a logo and are using the default block text in the upper left hand side of your site in lie of a logo, let us create a professional looking text logo for you! This will greatly improve the look and feel of your site. To have us build a text logo for you, please make your request via a support ticket at leadpress.com/support.
  3. FREE Domain Name with Signup: All new signups will get a FREE domain name to be used with their new website.
  4. New Color Themes / Home Pages Styles: We’ve introduced new color themes and new home page styles. To view them go to leadpressdemo.com and use the toolbar at the top of the page. If you do not currently have the new home page styles (index-5 and index-6) installed, please place a support ticket at leadpress.com/support and we can add them to your account.
  5. New Landing Page Features: We have new landing page templates. Our tutorials are still being built, but if you want to get started using our new templates, place a support ticket and we can help you get started. When creating a page, you can access templates using the “page templates” drop down on the right side of the edit page. You can now have landing pages that exclude the top and bottom menus to simplify your landing pages.
  6. Improved Architecture: Our last server was way too big for us, but we’ve upgraded again, just so that we have a ridiculous amount of resources at our disposal for serving up pages as fast as possible. As usual, we are managing your nightly backups, optimizing databases daily and doing all of the backend work necessary to keep your site running smooth so that you don’t have to think about servers, html or be a code wrangler.
  7. Canada, eh? LeadPress has now launched sites for Canada!
  8. LeadPress Mobile: Create and edit pages, upload images and moderate blog comments on the go. Manage your website from anywhere you’ve got mobile reception on every major mobile platform available today including iPhone, Windows 7, Android, BlackBerry & Nokia.

LeadPress Mobile

Features That Are Coming Soon in 2011

The following features will be released under the yet to be released LeadPress product / feature pricing:

  1. Industrial Grade Landing Pages: Landing pages that are as powerful as those used by the top lead generation sites in the world like LowerMybills.com and LendingTree.com.
  2. Auto-Blog Content: Does having relevant content and market updates added to your blog on a regular basis sound like something you would like? If so, it’s coming soon to LeadPress!
  3. New Tutorials: Learn the ins and out of how your WordPress site works, SEO, how to write blog posts and more with in depth, simple to follow tutorials and instruction.

LeadPress Mobile

Share Your LeadPress Experience

Share your LeadPress experience / testimonial for your chance to be featured on LeadPress.com. In addition to being highlighted on LeadPress.com, this opportunity will also help you build backlinks to your site directly from LeadPress. In addition to helping brand recognition, links to your site can be great for improving your search engine rankings!

If you get a few minutes and care to write a testimonial about your thoughts on LeadPress, it would be greatly appreciated. Even better, if you have a video camera, a 30 to 60 second video would make an even deeper impact and enable you to share your LeadPress experience while bringing attention to your company in an even more profound way.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, please submit your testimonial / thoughts to trace@leadpress.com or via our Contact Form.

Thank you and here’s to a great 2011!

Trace and the LeadPress Team

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