New LeadPress Pricing, Features and Updates!

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Posted by on May 18th, 2011

LeadPress Mortgage Websites

I hope everyone is crushing it and adjusting to the new landscape we live in post Dodd Frank Act enactment. We’ve been hard at work in the first part of 2011 and we’re excited to finally get to share some our new features, improvements, and updates.

We’re really excited to announce a new pricing structure, new features and new services! As part of our new pricing structure and product line, many users now have more email account and storage at lower pricing.

New Pricing Plans

Basic Plan: 5 default email accounts / 7 GB Storage / Unlimited Pages / Auto Blog Feature – No – $59 per month and $99 setup fee.

Plus Plan: 15 default email accounts / 12 GB Storage / Unlimited Pages / Auto Blog Feature Yes – $97 per month and $297 setup fee.

Pro Plan: 45 default email accounts / 47 GB Storage / Unlimited Pages / Auto Blog Feature – Yes – $197 per month and $497 setup fee.

Custom Plan: Need a custom lead generation solution built? Call us! 888-622-4022

LeadPress Mobile

Existing LeadPress Client Pricing Plan Transition Schedule

Members on the older 1 and 3 Email plans will be transitioned to the Basic Plan, which means your pricing will stay the same while your email accounts will increase to 5 email accounts.

Members on the 6 Email plans and pricing will stay the same but can upgrade their account at anytime.

Members on the 9 Email Plans will have pricing stay the same with an increase to 15 email accounts.

Members on the 12 Email Plan will see pricing stay go down a couple of bucks with an increase to 15 email accounts.

Members on the 15 Email plan will be upgraded to the Plus Plan, which means a reduction in price and the addition of the Auto Blog feature.

See Our New Plans and Pricing!

New! LeadPress Auto Blog

Don’t have the time or energy to write blog posts on your LeadPress site’s blog? Let us do it for you! Auto Blog posts relevant market news, updates and helpful information to your website with you as the author 3 to 5 times a week.

The Auto Blog feature is available on all Plus plans and higher.

Existing Clients: Submit a support ticket to get started with Auto Blog now and we will waive the $198 upgrade fee until 5/31!

New Clients: Sign up now! (requires Plus plan or higher)

LeadPress Mobile

Announcing the Launch of LeadPress Lead Generation Services: Pay-Per Click (PPC) – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & More

LeadPress websites give you the most search engine friendly and technologically advanced mortgage website available today. Once you have a LeadPress website, the amount of traffic you drive to your site plays a large role on the success you have generating your own exclusive leads.

LeadPress can help analyze you analyze your existing marketing campaigns and customize a strategy that fits your needs to help you generate your own exclusive leads regardless of the vertical you are in (mortgage, real estate, insurance, legal, etc.). We help you generate exclusive mortgage leads, track goals and optimize conversion through combination Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and other relevant campaigns and strategies.

Defined goals and conversion tracking mean you can put a dollar amount on your conversions and ROI. Start generating more exclusive leads now.

Contact Us About Our Lead Generation Services

New Enterprise Add On

Need the ability to upload custom plugins at will? What about get full access to theme source code for extreme customization? How about the ability to download full database dumps? The Enterprise Add On gives you this and more with a dedicated LeadPress install that gives you extreme control over your LeadPress site. Pricing is $25 per month in addition to the monthly plan you are on with a $975 setup fee.

Lifetime Licenses are Back!

We’ve had a lot of requests to bring back Lifetime Licenses and we hear you loud and clear. Lifetime licenses are not only an industry first, but for a one time fee give you the ability to host your LeadPress site on your own server and get full access to the website source code. This means you have extreme control and customization and you even get the custom WordPress plugins that make LeadPress tick.

Regularly $3500, they are on sale now for $2500.

Purchase a Lifetime License

LeadPress Updates

WordPress SEO Plugin Upgrade

We’re now offering the ability to upgrade from All in One SEO to the much more powerful WordPress SEO plugin, if you are interested in upgrading, please open a support ticket to start the upgrade process.

LeadPress SEO Plugin

Click to Enlarge

New Asynchronous Google Analytics Upgrade

All users with Google Analytics accounts installed are now using the newest version of Analytics placement. Faster page load times and Webmaster tools validation are a couple of advantages this new functionality brings.

Support Tutorials

Posting our new suite of in depth support tutorials and videos has definitely taken longer than we expected. We’re still working hard and expect these to be completed in the coming weeks, but feel free to get started with our new tutorials now!

View LeadPress Support Tutorials

LeadPress Testimonials

Share your LeadPress experience / testimonial for your chance to be featured on LeadPress.com. In addition to being highlighted on LeadPress.com, this opportunity will also help you build backlinks to your site directly from LeadPress. In addition to helping brand recognition, links to your site can be great for improving your search engine rankings!

If you get a few minutes and care to write a testimonial about your thoughts on LeadPress, it would be greatly appreciated. Even better, if you have a video camera, a 30 to 60 second video would make an even deeper impact and enable you to share your LeadPress experience while bringing attention to your company in an even more profound way.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, please submit your testimonial / thoughts to trace@leadpress.com or via our Contact Form.

Thank you!

Trace and the LeadPress Team

LeadPress Mortgage Websites

Mortgage News

How to Benefit From Compensation Reform Webinar

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LoanSifter and MortgageCoach are putting on a webinar about Compensation Reform that will be effecting all mortgage loan originators on 4/1/22. This webinar should provide a lot of great info regarding a lot of the greyer areas affecting LO compensation.

From the Webinar Invite:


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Mortech Mortgage Technology Solutions

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Mortech Mortgage Solutions is a company that has extensive experience servicing the industry, and over the past decade they’ve evolved to meet the changing demands for technology in the mortgage industry. They offer a number of different products that focus upon lead generation and product guideline intelligence, and their core focus is the Marksman which is focused upon helping industry professionals become more successful lenders.

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Mortgage Market Guide: Mortgage Market Updates for Mortgage Professionals

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Mortgage Market Guide provides mortgage market data services and alerts for mortgage brokers and loan officers including real time bond quotes, mortgage repricing alerts and mortgage market updates. Mortgage Market Guide products include the Mortgage Market Guide, MMG Weekly and The Mortgage Market Guide Call Capture.

Mortgage Market Guide’s parent company is Mortgage Success Source. Mortgage Success Source also owns Loan Toolbox and The Duncan Group.

The Mortgage Market Guide team is comprised of CEO Barry Habib, President Bill Bodnar and President of Content and Publishing for Mortgage Success Source, Sue Woodard.

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MWSS: Mortgage Website Success Mortgage Websites

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Mortgage Website Success (MWSS) is an all in one site that offers all of those things that any mortgage industry professional needs to get business off the ground or take it to the next level. The one stop shop provides a number of different services that start with basic website building, and end with lead generation and there’s a whole lot more in between. One stand out feature with MWSS is the fact that they’ve got social networking integrated into their services, something that’s lacking with some other mortgage website builders at the moment, which means they’re keeping up with all of the trends in marketing.

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Openclose Mortgage Loan Software and Mortgage Websites

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Openclose develops Service as a Solution (Saas) software for the mortgage and real estate industry. They truly offer an all-in-one package that puts loan originators in the best position to market themselves. They offer website building, a loan origination system and a pricing engine as their more traditional services. But, what makes them more interesting is that they’re really making tracks moving towards modern marketing as they include social networking services as well. Loan originators that are tired of working with various service providers that have a stuffy attitude will certainly appreciate Openclose, as they’ve got a website filled with emoticons and snarky statements; but neither of these things are presented in a way that’s unprofessional, it just shows they’re with the times!

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MortgageBot Mortgage Loan Pricing Tools

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MortgageBot offers software solutions to allow mortgage industry professionals determine who the legitimate borrowers are without wasting their valuable time and energy evaluating those that prove to be fraudulent, which is currently a major problem in the industry.  Their current products are powerful tools that act as key resources for professionals in the industry. Experian® Fraud and Identity Solutions’ elite and robust Authentication Services Level Three are the latest and most sought after solutions. They also provide software for simple mortgage application processing, pricing and more.  The products offered by mortgage bot are useful for independent mortgage brokers and large financial institutions.

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VLender Loan Officer and Mortgage Originator Websites

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For loan originators new to the industry, the start up can be a challenging process. VLender offers web building and software solutions that provide professionals with all the tools that they need to streamline their business activities. The web design is taken care of from start to finish, and then a complete business practice management system is installed.  The main product by VLender is Virtual Lender®. Virtual Lender’s systems can be purchased for setup for one user or for multiple. The complete system provides far more than just web design although that is how the process begins, and it allows loan originators to manage all the new business that their professional website has drawn in.

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eTrafficers Mortgage Lead Generation Websites

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eTrafficers combines two essential services that loan officers require to run a successful business; website hosting and development, and lead generation. There are multiple packages that loan originators can choose from to meet their needs, and these depend upon the size of the company. A smaller package is appropriate for a single loan originator, and a larger one is better for an organization with multiple branches. eTrafficers focuses upon building consistency with websites as well, so if there are multiple linked together; for example, a company website, with separate branch websites and then websites for each loan originator, they’re all designed to look and feel the same.

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The Niche Report Mortgage Magazine

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Posted by on January 24th, 2011

All professionals working in the mortgage industry need to make sure that they remain on top of well…everything that’s happening in the industry in order to deliver the best possible services to their clients. You never know what random piece of information you may be required to have when sitting down for a chat about mortgage options with a prospective borrower, so it’s best to always be prepared. The Niche Report promises to deliver more than the obvious industry information to subscribers. The bulk of the information is available right on the website posted as independent articles but there is also a magazine subscription option!

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