LeadPress Open CSS: Complete CSS Control!

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Posted by on February 3rd, 2010

We hate to repeat ourselves …. but…..If you have compared LeadPress to other mortgage website companies, you may have noticed a big difference in the amount of features, quality of presentation, customization ability and overall website control that LeadPress is able to offer over the competition.

Ok, we repeated ourself, but only so that we can announce yet another feature that separates LeadPress from the rest of the crowd in mortgage website design. All LeadPress websites now have the ability to control CSS with LeadPress Open CSS!

What is CSS?

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a W3C open standards programming language for specifying how a web page is presented. It allows web site designers to create formatting and layout for a web site independently of its content.

What Does This Mean For LeadPress Users?

LeadPress mortgage web sites are already the most customizable mortgage website available today, including the ability to change color themes, home page styles, content, links, add pages at will and more. This new ability to control CSS simply means you can get EXTREMELY granular in the level of customization you want to make to your site.

Have a buddy or favorite developer that knows CSS? Then you can easily alter the look and feel of virtually any element in your LeadPress Website or talk to us about the customizations you have in mind and we can give you an estimate based on the time involved.

LeadPress websites are already much more customizable then most mortgage web sites available today, this feature is simply one more tool to give LeadPress users the most powerful tools available today!

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FREE WordPress Mortgage Calculator (WordPress Plugin!)

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Posted by on January 29th, 2010

We’re happy to announce the LeadPress Mortgage Calculator, a free WordPress plugin! This is the same calculator we use in our mortgage lead generation websites. Since we use WordPress as our platform of choice, the LeadPress Mortgage Calculator is simply a WordPress plugin, compatible with most WordPress mortgage websites or blogs.

LeadPress Mortgage Calculator

This plugin is a fork  of the original plugin by mlcalc.com with a number of improvements:

  • Calculations / charts are served on your page instead of taking you to an external page on mlcalc.com to show this data.
  • All CSS, javascript and images are contained within the plugin, so there is no need to wait on mlcalc.com servers to serve these elements. This means the plugin is faster and more reliable.
  • The default month and year selections now default to current year and month. Previously these had to be changed manually each month by modifying the mlcalc.php file.

This plugin includes a link to LeadPress below the calculate button, if you are comfortable with html or have a buddy who is, feel free to remove it. You can find installation instructions in the plugin.

Have questions? Leave them in the comments!


If you’re not running your mortgage website or blog on WordPress, try these FREE Mortgage Calculators.

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LeadPress + LoanSifter = Real Time Mortgage Rate Quotes

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Posted by on January 20th, 2010

LeadPress is proud to announce that we are now compatible with LoanSifter’s Consumer Portal 3.0, LoanSifter Rate Tables and Full 1003 Suite! Consumer Portal 3.0 enables you to create custom lead generation forms for your LeadPress mortgage website and give real time mortgage rate quotes based on your current bank pricing when a form is filled out. LoanSifter rate tables enable you to publish real time mortgage rate tables on your website based on your existing bank pricing. Finally the LoanSifter Full 1003 Suite give the ability to offer fully customizable 1003 mortgage applications on your website.

LeadPress with LoanSifter Integration

  • Real time mortgage rate quotes based on your selected bank pricing
  • Real time rate quote tables on your website that reflect real time pricing based on your bank pricing
  • Customizable lead generation forms so  you can choose which information you collect
  • Easy LoanSifter integration, just add your LoanSifter customer ID in the LeadPress dashboard to integrate LoanSifter!

View LeadPress + LoanSifter Demo

Simple LoanSifter Integration

Once your LoanSifter account is set up, integration with LeadPress is as easy as adding your LoanSifter customer ID to your LeadPress dashboard and you’re ready to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Have Questions?

Have questions about how LeadPress can help you improve your mortgage marketing and increase the amount of mortgage leads your mortgage website can generate? Feel free to contact us or call us at 888-622-4022.

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220 Marketing – Mortgage Websites & Mortgage Marketing Services

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Posted by on January 1st, 2010

220 Marketing is mortgage website design company that builds mortgage marketing websites, real estate marketing websites, loan modification websites and reverse mortgage websites. 220 Marketing websites, also offer online and offline mortgage coaching in addition to mortgage pay per click services. 220Marketing is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

From the Mortgage Websites by 220Marketing Website:

The 2010 220 Mortgage Marketing System Includes:

  • A highly customizable search engine friendly mortgage website
  • Highest lead conversion rate in the industry
  • A highly customizable monthly e-newsletter system with content included
  • 1 gig of mail box space with up to 20 email accounts
  • Integrated splash/lead capture pages for pay-per-click and Craigslist ads
  • Free reliable American service and technical support
  • Free upgrade every six months to keep you looking fresh
  • Secure Online 1003 with easy LOS integration
  • Integrated client retention and lead management system

The Following Services are Also Included with the Package:

  • Unlimited Online Marketing Coaching
  • Unlimited Offline Marketing Coaching
  • Unlimited Pay-Per-Click Consulting
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Scripts, Marketing Materials & Pre-Made Ads

Contacting 220 Marketing Websites

220Marketing is located at:
220 Group LLC
3405 Kenyon St. Suite 501
San Diego, CA. 92110


FTC Mortgage Website Testimonials Update

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Posted by on December 11th, 2009


Hope everyone is have a great Holiday Season and closing lots of loans. Just wanted to post a quick update regarding recent FTC regulation changes regarding website testimonials and how they affect your mortgage website.

LeadPress Update to LeadPress Customers:

One 12/1/09, the Federal Trade Commission enacted a new set of rules governing online endorsements and testimonials: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm. These rules set a new standard in insuring that testimonials are accurate and not misleading.

All LeadPress websites come with a testimonial page template, that has been turned on by default. The goal was to have a template that could be customized by you with your own original testimonials. It turns out that many LeadPress clients have left the default generic mortgage testimonials in place or were not even aware that a mortgage testimonials page existed.

To insure compliance with the new FTC regulations, LeadPress websites that have not replaced the generic template testimonials with their own original testimonials have had their “Client Testimonials” page changed from a “published” status to a “draft” status. This means the page is no longer visible to the public, but once you insert your own testimonials and are ready to make the page live again, simply push the “Publish” button on the write side of your edit page via dashboard > edit pages > “Client Testimonials”. Once your new testimonials page is live you can also re-enable menu links to it by going to dashboard > Tools > NAVT Lists and clicking on the green “enable” button on the “client testimonials” link in the “topmenu” and “bottonmenu” sections.

If you have already added your own original mortgage testimonials, no changes have been made to your website and there is nothing for you to do.

Have questions? Please direct any questions to us via a support ticket at www.leadpress.com/support/

Happy Holidays from the LeadPress Team!


LeadPress + iPhone Equals Website Control Anywhere

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Posted by on November 7th, 2009

Ever want to update your website and blog visitors with new content when you are on the road or away from the office? Since LeadPress is based in WordPress, the WordPress iPhone application makes creating new pages and blog posts simple.

How much does it cost? IT’S FREE!

Never miss updating your customers about fast moving market or rate updates again when you aren’t in front of your computer!

Download the iPhone for WordPress Application!

Don’t have an iPhone? Try LeadPress for BlackBerry and Android!


220Marketing, Myers Internet, Alamode, MorSystems & LenderHomePage Upgrade Available!

Posted by on November 3rd, 2009

Are you currently using Myers Internet, LenderHomePage, Alamode or 220Marketing (220 Marketing) for your mortgage website provider? If so, we’ve got good news and better news.

First, LeadPress just launched monthly mortgage website plans, this means you can finally upgrade your existing site with an affordable monthly LeadPress plan! 120x240

Second, if you switch to LeadPress from 220 Marketing, Alamode, Myers, eTrafficers, LenderHomePage, LoanSitePlus, EZLoanDocs, Vlender, MorSystems, you can see first hand how and why LeadPress is the premier mortgage lead generation website available today!

Why Upgrade to LeadPress?

LeadPress not only gives improves the look and presentation of your website, simply put, it converts more visitors to leads!

Ever wonder why your existing website doesn’t generate many leads? We’re mortgage brokers ourselves and we were asking ourselves that very question three years ago when we set out to build the best mortgage lead generation website available.

Sign Up

LeadPress Upgrade Benefits

  1. Optimized and fully customizable mortgage applications: Does your website have a Full 1003? If so, you’re losing 90% or more of your online conversions. Want to add fields to your applications, create a survey or completely new application? LeadPress does that and more.
  2. Lead Management: View leads in online database or have them sent to email addresses you define.
  3. Website control: Add new pages, upload video or images, customize menus, change website color theme and change home page style with ease.

Have Questions? Don’t Be Shy!


LeadPress Mortgage Website Monthly Plans Are Here!

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Posted by on November 3rd, 2009

We are ecstatic to announce LeadPress websites and email services are now available as a pay as go monthly service. Yes! LeadPress monthly plans are tiered by the number of email accounts in use, so you only pay for what you use. We are still going to be offering lifetime licenses, but we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from folks that just can’t afford to purchase a lifetime license and that’s where the monthly plan fits in!

Sign Up

View Monthly Mortgage Website Pricing

Additionally, have also launched email services for those who may not need a website, but are in need of reliable email solutions.

LeadPress Email Services

  • Pop3 and Imap flavors
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and similar email clients
  • View webmail online just like Gmail or similar online services
  • 1 GB of storage per user
  • Reliable email hosting, so you can focus on selling!

Are You an Alamode, 220 Marketing, MorSystems, eTrafficers, LenderHomePage or Myers customer and wondering why your site underperforms? If so, LeadPress can help you generate more mortgage leads than ever before.


Have questions? Click here to ask away!


New LeadPress Features: Google Chat, Dropdown Menus, Footer Content!

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Posted by on October 16th, 2009

We have yet even more feature additions to LeadPress! We’ve added multi-level menus so that you can easily make more awesome content available to your website visitors via your top navigation menu.


We’ve also added the ability to use Google Chat in the header as well as a section at the bottom of each page which is perfect for adding legal, compliance or any other footer content you would like!

Google Chat and Mult-Level Integration

Using the built in LeadPress widgets, you can add google live chat to your header in a matter of seconds. You can also add multi-level menus using our simple drag and drop menu interface. You can nest menus as many times as you would like!


Custom Footer Content Integration via Widgets!

Using simple drag and drop widgets, LeadPress now enables you to add any content to your footer. This is great for keep compliance folks happy!


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Mortgage Marketing via Twitter?

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Posted by on August 26th, 2009

Below are some loose thoughts I posted at BrokerOutpost in a discussion about the role of twitter in mortgage marketing where I shared my findings about Twitter conversion.

Is anyone actually gaining clients from twitter? You bet, check out www.twitter.com/mortgagereports. Dan posts rate and market updates and people listen.

Why would somebody follow me? The same reason they would follow your blog, website or newsletter…. you are providing something of value. You mean I can’t just sign up and get deals? Nope, but the folks you are competing against appreciate your lack of effort / lack of understanding the medium… that’s for sure. This conversation is very similar to the one that occurred when websites were first used for mortgage marketing. Some folks were adamant that consumers wouldn’t trust a website, naysayers were sure that consumers needed to shake a hand before refinancing.

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