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Three Words: MortgageBarCamp is Coming!

Posted by on August 21st, 2009


Details: More information on the first ever MortgageBarCamp are coming in the following weeks. We’re focusing on a theme involving adapting, surviving and thriving in the current market with the many industry changes that have and are taking place.

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MortgageCoach Mortgage Marketing Services

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Posted by on August 18th, 2009 provides mortgage coaching, mortgage sales, rate watch and mortgage educational services. Members are given access to the Opportunity Optimizer sales presentation software, forums, a video community, leader blogs, weekly coaching, webinars and more.


The 6 Step Opportunity Optimizer Process

The Opportunity Optimizer takes basic borrower data and creates a series of charts and graphs as part of a six-step process that illustrates the opportunity that the client has for optimizing his or her equity. The six steps are as follows:

  1. Financial Snapshot
  2. Financial Scorecard
  3. Liquidity Builder
  4. Asset Maximizer
  5. Portfolio Optimizerâ„¢
  6. Mortgage Coach Proposal

MortgageCoach Equity Optimizer

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HVCC: Lenders Creating Their Own AMC’s

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Posted by on August 18th, 2009

It’s no secret that mortgage brokers, banks, net branches and anyone else in mortgage lending is struggling with the negative consequences and repercussions that affect borrowers and lenders as a consequence of HVCC or the Home Valuation Code of Conduct.

One way lenders are countering the lack of control and negative outcomes due to poorly handled appraisals by the AMC’s (Appraisal Management Companies) that lenders are forced to work with is by becoming AMC’s themselves. You heard me right, lenders are now starting their own AMC’s. This will give them more control over the process and help alleviate some of the bigger issues being created by HVCC.

Common HVCC Issue Lenders are Trying to Counter:

Via Inman News author Jack Guttentag wrote in today’s story Appraisal rules backfire in down market:

“Because AMCs operate nationally but do not have appraisers everywhere, more appraisals are being done by appraisers who are not familiar with the local market. Appraisers working for AMCs are also paid less per appraisal than independents, which may induce them to invest less time.

Less knowledge by appraisers means more scope for bias, and in a declining-price market, the prevailing bias is toward lower values.

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Double Your Twitter Follower Conversion Rate: Cute Converts

Posted by on August 17th, 2009

Until the Launch of LeadPress, I had twitter accounts set up for Ipagio (LeadPress’s forerunner), BrokerScience (a mortgage blog) and LeadPress. These accounts were largely dormant as I mainly used @tracerichardson for my tweets.

With the launch of LeadPress, I converted Ipagio to a mortgage marketing blog, revived it’s twitter account and revived the BrokerScience twitter account as well. In doing so I followed around 275 mortgage related peeps but with a little twist. When you follow people on twitter, some of those people will follow you back, so I was curious about how the account picture on each account would affect the likelihood of people following me back after I followed them.

BrokerScience used a picture of my dog Hoss and the Ipagio account used the LeadPress logo (RSS / House image) as shown below.


Twitter Conversion Results

While highly unscientific, of the 275 people I followed, 65 followed Ipagio back and 145 followed BrokerScience, a 223% improvement in conversion. BrokerScience even had a notation in its description that I was no longer using the account and to find me at @tracerichardson. There are many other factors that may have impacted the results such as BrokerScience being more well known and the like (I’m not sure this is even true, actually), but my conclusion is that the biggest factor that came into play is that cute converts, a picture of a doggie will get more follows then a non-animated object that’s not cute.

Conversion Conclusion

Puppies, kitties and small furry cute creatures are the call of the day. Just like sex sells, cute converts.


LeadPress Mortgage Website and Loan Officer Website Overview

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Posted by on August 10th, 2009

Generate more exclusive mortgage leads.

LeadPress mortgage websites are the premier website used by mortgage brokers, loan officers and lead aggregators to generate exclusive mortgage leads. LeadPres helps you achieve higher conversion rates than average mortgage broker websites. This means you close more deals while spending less on purchasing leads.

Dominate the competition with an elegant, professional and authoritative mortgage web site.

One time fee to own your own website for life.

LeadPress is the only mortgage website design company that doesn’t lock you into a monthly lease forever payment plan. A one time fee gives you a website for life and 100% of the source code for all content, images and code. This means that you can customize the website in any way you choose with the web design, SEO or marketing team of your choice!

Hear firsthand from LeadPress users

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Ipagio is Now LeadPress!

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Posted by on August 6th, 2009

Ipagio has relaunched as LeadPress. LeadPress not only offers a whole new platform with tons of new features and options, but also has Loan Officer Forums and a Mortgage Community as well! is turning into a blog style format and will cover mortgage marketing and real estate marketing related topics.

LeadPress Logo

LeadPress is Different

LeadPress is made by mortgage brokers, for mortgage brokers. We understand the importance of giving website visitors the best online experience possible. Clear calls to actions, optimized mortgage applications and conversion factors, mortgage calculators and useful information are some of the ways LeadPress helps convert your website visitors into exclusive mortgage leads.

Mortgage Website Demo

Generate More Leads From Offline Advertising

Now more than ever prospects visit your website BEFORE contacting you when they are exposed to offline marketing such as direct mail, radio, TV or other offline marketing you may engage in.

These prospects visit your website to learn about your services and build trust in your company. This means that if you have a cheap or sub-par website you are losing deals and damaging your marketing ROI when high percentages of these visitors immediately abandon your site.

Generate More Leads From Online Advertising

Since LeadPress is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and includes the world’s most powerful blogging engine (WordPress), you have the best blogging and SEO tools available to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible. High rankings = more leads!

Mortgage Website Signup

Do not undermine your offline marketing by using an average or “FREE” website!

The savings are an illusion due to the opportunity cost of lost closed deals that occur when users abandon a less than professional website. You are better off with no website than a cheap one. Something is NOT better than nothing when it comes to your online presence.

Finally, refer someone to LeadPress and we will pay you $250!

Have questions? Don’t be shy, we’re here to help!


The LeadPress Team

Did you know? LeadPress is the only provider that offers lifetime licenses? Other providers prefer to lease the site to you month after month, year after year, because they make more money. Since we’re mortgage brokers ourselves, we appreciate the value of paying a one time fee for something and having complete control over it for life.

How much are you spending leasing your site year after year? It’s very likely that you’ve already spent more in the last couple of years leasing than a one time LeadPress fee would cost.

Still interested in a Monthly Lease? We will also be launching monthly leases shortly, we’ll keep you updated.


LeadPress Mortgage Website Feature Tour

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Posted by on August 4th, 2009

What is LeadPress? LeadPress is Lead Generation Platform / Website that enables mortgage brokers and loan officers to generate exclusive mortgage leads online through high search engine rankings and converting more prospects from offline mortgage marketing campaigns.

Full Size Version: LeadPress Video Tour

LeadPress Feature Tour

Mortgage Websites

Additionally, users can easily edit or create pages, upload a custom logo, and control other on page elements via a simple drag and drop interface. Have little to no website experience? Not a problem with LeadPress!

  • Simple to use interface, fully customizable links, color themes, home pages styles and more
  • Search Engine Optimized: High search engine rankings can be a valuable source for generating exclusive mortgage leads
  • Integrated Blog and Blogging tools: RSS Feeds, Social Media / Web 2.0 tools, Commenting, Video & Image Uploading
  • High Conversion Architecture and Forms: high conversion customizable applications and contact forms, prominent calls to action and user friendly layout

View Demo

View Home Page Styles: Style 1 / Style 2 / Style 3 / Style 4

Generate Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Online – LeadPress has built in search engine optimization and blogging tools that enable you to easily create the unique content the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo love. Ranking well in search engines can be a valuable source of high converting exclusive mortgage leads.

Offline – Now more than ever prospects visit your website BEFORE contacting you when they are exposed to offline marketing such as direct mail, radio, TV or other offline marketing you may engage in.

These prospects visit your website to learn about your services and build trust in your company. This means that if you have a cheap or sub-par website you are losing deals and damaging your marketing ROI when high percentages of these visitors immediately abandon your site.

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Howdy From Crested Butte

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Posted by on July 27th, 2009

Just wanted to post a quick update!


Summertime, Summer Vacation!

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Posted by on July 16th, 2009

We’re taking a little break for summer vacation! Hope everyone is having a great summer. LeadPress will be away from the 13th to the 27th. We will absolutely return phone calls and emails, just at a little slower pace!

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LoanToolbox Mortgage Marketing for Loan Officers

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Posted by on July 4th, 2009

LoanToolbox is a monthly subscription service that caters to mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers. LoanToolBox provides a wide spectrum of mortgage marketing tools and services. Included are mortgage marketing videos, tutorial & guides, strategies, database mining tools, mortgage forums, mortgage newsletters, and direct mail tools, among others.

From the LoanToolbox Website:

Loan Toolbox is a division of Mortgage Success Source (MSS), the leader in providing training, business solutions and marketing systems to the mortgage industry. MSS is the strategic alliance of Mortgage Market Guide, LoanToolbox and The Duncan Group. Featuring the talents of industry leaders Barry Habib, Sue Woodard, Todd Duncan, Greg Frost and Jim McMahan, MSS provides money-making resources to more than 40,000 loan originators nationwide. All MSS products and technologies feature proven systems that are easy to implement and generate increased loan volume.

The LoanToolbox Loan Officer Pyramid

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