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LeadPress Canadian Mortgage Websites Are Here!

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Posted by on December 14th, 2010

Did you know that LeadPress builds mortgage websites for Canada?

Well it’s true! Canadian mortgage websites are customized for Canadian verbiage & content and our short form apps represent Provinces as opposed to States. This means Canadians can now utilize the same powerful online presence and lead generation platform that many loan originators South of the border have been using for years!


LeadPress Canadian websites for Canadian mortgage professionals include customized verbiage, content and applications that reflect the regional differences and terminology used in Canada.  Since the LeadPress Platform gives users simple but powerful customization tools, Canadian mortgage professionals can further customize their sites as needed to rank high in search engines regardless of their region or Province.

Canadian mortgage companies face the same mortgage marketing challenges as their counterparts in the United States, which is why this LeadPress offering can mean a significant shift for  mortgage professionals as they will now have access to the online tools usually reserved for lead generation companies.

Why Upgrade Your Canadian Mortgage Web Site to LeadPress?

  • Easily integrate your social media profiles from Facebook, Twitter and other top social media sites
  • Easily integrate video and third party tools into your site
  • Optimized and strategically placed calls to action mean higher visitor to lead conversion
  • LeadPress has the most powerful Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Platform available today
  • Powerful but simple to use website customization tools

Are you a loan originator, Bank or mortgage professional in and have questions about how LeadPress can help you generate Canadian mortgage leads or help upgrade your Canadian mortgage website? Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!

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