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Hiya, I’m Trace, the founder of LeadPress. As a mortgage broker and banker, I tried all the website solutions on the market and found that they overwhelmingly performed very poorly. Driven by a passion about understanding how websites worked, I started building sites for my own company. Shortly thereafter, it became clear that the market was crying for a new alternative to the existing crop of outdated and poor performing mortgage websites.

Trace RichardsonI looked at the top lead generation websites in the world, from whom we often purchased leads, and I noticed that they all followed similar strategies in terms of their placement of calls to action and the types of lead gen forms they used, among other things.

Specifically, they didn’t put Full Applications on their site as they had already figured out that cold leads (leads you’ve never spoken to) don’t fill out applications until they have gotten a rate quote. Same goes for cars and other high dollar purchases, consumers don’t buy until they know the price / cost involved…. who woulda thunk. Sadly, most mortgage website design companies in the space still haven’t figured this out, that’s why they will pitch you on their “powerful Full 1003 applications” when a Full 1003 is the ultimate way to kill conversion with cold leads since they aren’t going to fill out a full app until they have a rate quote in hand.

Today, LeadPress has become the premier builder of mortgage websites and the first provider in the world that leverages the power of WordPress. The good news is that we’re only getting started!

The Corporate Rap:

LeadPress builds mortgage websites that help loan originators convert more website visitors to leads and rank higher in search engines. LeadPress websites are highly customizable, easy to use and come with the most advanced editing, search engine optimization, blogging and social media tools in the industry.