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Double Your Twitter Follower Conversion Rate: Cute Converts

Posted by on August 17th, 2009

Until the Launch of LeadPress, I had twitter accounts set up for Ipagio (LeadPress’s forerunner), BrokerScience (a mortgage blog) and LeadPress. These accounts were largely dormant as I mainly used @tracerichardson for my tweets.

With the launch of LeadPress, I converted Ipagio to a mortgage marketing blog, revived it’s twitter account and revived the BrokerScience twitter account as well. In doing so I followed around 275 mortgage related peeps but with a little twist. When you follow people on twitter, some of those people will follow you back, so I was curious about how the account picture on each account would affect the likelihood of people following me back after I followed them.

BrokerScience used a picture of my dog Hoss and the Ipagio account used the LeadPress logo (RSS / House image) as shown below.


Twitter Conversion Results

While highly unscientific, of the 275 people I followed, 65 followed Ipagio back and 145 followed BrokerScience, a 223% improvement in conversion. BrokerScience even had a notation in its description that I was no longer using the account and to find me at @tracerichardson. There are many other factors that may have impacted the results such as BrokerScience being more well known and the like (I’m not sure this is even true, actually), but my conclusion is that the biggest factor that came into play is that cute converts, a picture of a doggie will get more follows then a non-animated object that’s not cute.

Conversion Conclusion

Puppies, kitties and small furry cute creatures are the call of the day. Just like sex sells, cute converts.