Logo Best Practices

Logos for your LeadPress site need to be no larger than 65 pixels tall by 350 pixels wide. Logos can be in web friendly formats such as .gif, .jpg or .png formats. Formats such as word files or PDF files are not usable.

One very important consideration is how your logo is built. Logos tend to either be “wide”, with an icon or image to the left or right of verbiage or “tall”, with wording above or below an image or icon. “Tall” logos don’t work well because the wording usually does not scale well as it becomes too small to read when placed in websites, business cards or letterhead.

Your Logo Plays a Critical Role in the Effectiveness of Your Site!

Failure to use a “WIDE”, legible and professional logo with colors that match your chosen color theme WILL make your LeadPress site less effective and WILL result in a significant loss of conversion of website visitors to leads.

Example of “Tall” Logos (These don’t work well, the wording becomes illegible.)

Examples of “Wide” Logos (These DO work well.)