LeadPress Mobile

LeadPress Mobile WordPress Application

Create and edit pages, upload images and moderate blog comments on the go. Manage your website from anywhere you’ve got mobile reception on every major mobile platform available today!

Supported Platforms: iPhone, Windows 7, Android, BlackBerry & Nokia | Demo Videos

LeadPress Mobile Photo Uploads

Upload Photos from Anywhere

Marketing with Real Estate agents or managing your personal brand by sharing images from your life on your blog?  Upload images as you take them from anywhere you have cell coverage.

It has never been easier to upload images from an open house, share pictures of a great closing / signing or upload testimonial pictures you’ve just taken.

LeadPress Geo Location Mapping

Location Mapping

Sharing your location as you update your website and blog has never been easier.  A simple Geotag icon enables you to instantly share your position as you update your blog.

LeadPress Mobile App Website Control

Simple Website Control

Create new blog posts or edit existing posts on the go. LeadPress enables you to easily add new content to your site, add photos, spellcheck and post to your blog on your mobile phone.

Since LeadPress is powered by WordPress, LeadPress clients benefits from all future updates that will give even more website control via your mobile phone.

LeadPress Mobile Blog Commenting

Moderate Blog Comments

Moderate, edit and reply to blog comments with ease on the go. Establishing yourself as an authority and communicating with clients and prospects via your blog is an important tool in building trust and business.

LeadPress Mobile Videos

iPhone & iPad
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Windows 7
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