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FREE WordPress Mortgage Calculator (WordPress Plugin!)

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Posted by on January 29th, 2010

We’re happy to announce the LeadPress Mortgage Calculator, a free WordPress plugin! This is the same calculator we use in our mortgage lead generation websites. Since we use WordPress as our platform of choice, the LeadPress Mortgage Calculator is simply a WordPress plugin, compatible with most WordPress mortgage websites or blogs.

LeadPress Mortgage Calculator

This plugin is a fork  of the original plugin by with a number of improvements:

  • Calculations / charts are served on your page instead of taking you to an external page on to show this data.
  • All CSS, javascript and images are contained within the plugin, so there is no need to wait on servers to serve these elements. This means the plugin is faster and more reliable.
  • The default month and year selections now default to current year and month. Previously these had to be changed manually each month by modifying the mlcalc.php file.

This plugin includes a link to LeadPress below the calculate button, if you are comfortable with html or have a buddy who is, feel free to remove it. You can find installation instructions in the plugin.

Have questions? Leave them in the comments!


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