LeadPress STRONGLY Opposes SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act)

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Posted by on January 13th, 2012

Working in the real estate and mortgage space for the past ten years, I’ve seen first hand how bad legislation and politics can negatively affect consumers and business owners alike. When a horrendous piece of legislation comes along, the general public is usually uninformed about the legislation before, during and sometimes even after it is passes until they experience negative consequences firsthand.

Case in Point: I was one of the first people to raise awareness about HVCC (Home Value Code of Conduct in 2008 and while most of the public was unaware of its existence, they soon became aware when they couldn’t get a fair appraisal of their home, which impeded refinancing or selling their home. Consumers, mortgage professionals, real estate agents and displaced appraisers learned first hand how overreaching legislation with good intent can have bad consequences.

SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act)

SOPA is by far the most dangerous piece of legislation I’ve ever seen introduced. It not only stands to put many businesses out to pasture, but could also limit online freedom, put a “firewall” in place to censor online activity and give far reaching powers to corporate giants. It will also break some components that are essential to how the internet works, while still not preventing piracy since there are ways piracy can and will easily exist despite this legislation.

Who Will SOPA Negatively Affect?

You. Me. Google. Facebook. Youtube ….. Many startups would be crushed by SOPA and existing business like EtsyFlickr and Vimeo may very likely have to close their doors.

Why Your Voice Counts

The corporate lobbyists for the music and television interests that favor SOPA outspend technology companies 10 to 1 in Washington. Without your voice, SOPA may very well pass.

The freedoms we have in the US are what set us apart from other nations and enable us the ability to pursue the personal and business endeavors we cherish so much. I’m passionate about protecting our these freedoms, which is why I stand against SOPA.

What is SOPA?

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