LeadPress Migration

Please note we cannot accept support requests via phone.

Migration Deadline

  • Migration To Do's

    Time to Migrate!

    We’ve built a brand new platform and it’s time to migrate from your old site to your new site! The old platform is being retired on September 20th, 2019.

    Action Steps »

    We’ve done our best to migrate your old content and data to your new site, still need your help taking your new site live.

    1. Choose a new home page style by going to our demo and hovering over the Demo: Pages link to see the 6 new styles.
    2. Complete the following Client Migration Form
    3. If you would like us to add team members, complete this Team Member Onboarding Form
    4. If you would like us to add testimonials, complete this Testimonial Onboarding Form

    How is My Plan Changing?

    We have new plans and new pricing, but existing clients are grandfathered in at older and lower pricing!

    We are no longer offering email services as part of our plans. The deadline for moving all data off the LeadPress server and having new third party email accounts in place for your users is September 20th, 2019. We use and recommend Google Suite.

    To avoid email downtime and prevent loss of data, we strongly suggest making the move to your new provider now. Please do not wait until right before our server goes offline or you may have a bad time. Your new provider will require some new DNS settings to be implemented with your registrar or with us if you are currently pointing your nameservers to ns1.leadpress.com and ns2.leadpress.com. Open a support ticket and we can help you with this once you have your new provider DNS settings!

  • Take Your New Site Live

    Take Your New Site Live

    1. Once you have completed the action steps in the Migration To Do’s section, we will make the final necessary changes to your site and let you know we’re done and ready to go live.
    2. Once you have done your final look over and are ready to move from your temporary url to your permanent domain, contact your domain name registrar and ask them to change your namerservers to those listed below. Propagation of your new site can take up to 24 hours (usually much less) and you should experience no website downtime or downtime with your existing email provider if you have one.

      New Nameservers: clark.ns.cloudflare.com / tegan.ns.cloudflare.com

    3. Once step 2 is complete, please notify us via a support ticket so we can take your site live!