mortechlogoMortech Mortgage Solutions is a company that has extensive experience servicing the industry, and over the past decade they’ve evolved to meet the changing demands for technology in the mortgage industry. They offer a number of different products that focus upon lead generation and product guideline intelligence, and their core focus is the Marksman which is focused upon helping industry professionals become more successful lenders.

Features of the Marksman Products

There are a few different levels when it comes to the Marksman products: Marksman Basic, Marksman Pro, Marksman Enterprise and Marksman Marketplace. The right package depends upon your specific needs, below is an outline of what the most comprehensive package – the Marksman Enterprise – features.

  • Intelligence credit report engine – the Marksman Enterprise software package is known for its automation. This feature automatically assesses each borrower’s credit risk by communicating with the preferred credit provider. All relevant credit information is automatically added to the borrower’s file.
  • DU/LP runs and eligibility – there is a seamless system with Marksman that automatically reports credit findings to the appropriate agency for ease of underwriting. Loan originators can also add questions and modify debt management information.
  • Rate uploads – all company specific rates are uploaded so all users have access
  • Pricing engine – information regarding programs and how each will best suit a specific borrower’s needs will always be at the fingertips of loan originators.
  • Borrower data access – using Marksman, loan originators can give borrowers access to current rates as well as a complete mortgage application right from their website.
  • Integration of lead aggregators – auto-quotes are sent to prospects like Zillow or Google.
  • Lead generation – loan originators can pass along leads to sales teams and use the system to track progress from lead generation.

The Importance of Mortech’s Software Solutions – From Their ‘About Us’ Page

“The mortgage and real estate industries have faced progressively more challenges over the last couple of decades. Tightened regulations coupled with poor reputations have made the home buying process a moving target for these professionals. With the help of technologists who are constantly thinking ahead, those involved in the lending process are able to function more effectively and improve their public images. Mortech is one of those technologists. We make it our duty to help ease the burdens associated with buying a home, create a better lending experience for consumers and increase the overall success for all involved.”

Pricing and Contact

Mortech doesn’t publish their rates publicly, but you can contact them and also arrange a demo of any of the Marksman products to see how it may benefit your business. You can fill out the contact form on their website, or use the following information:

Contact Customer Support for support related questions:

[email protected]

Main Office: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm (CST)

  • 5960 South 57thSt., Lincoln, NE 68516
  • 888.529.3590 (toll free)
  • 402.441.4647 (in Lincoln)
  • 402.420.6549 (fax)