Calyx Software makes loan origination software for mortgage brokers and bankers. Calyx Point is Calyx’s extremely popular loan origination solution that is offered as software to download or as SaaS (software as a service) under the PointCentral brand. Calyx also offers mortgage websites that are branded as WebCaster.

Calyx Point gives loan officers and mortgage bankers tools to make the following processes more efficient: loan marketing, prequalification, loan origination, automated underwriting and loan processing.

From the Calyx website:

Founded in 1991, Calyx Software began its operations in San Jose, California, with one vision—to provide accessible, affordable, and reliable software for all mortgage professionals. From the outset, business was brisk. In the first year, sales increased 25% per month and the customer base grew to more than 600 mortgage companies in 14 states. Now more than 30,000 mortgage companies in all 50 states use Calyx Point. According to a study conducted by Wholesale Access in 2005, 68% of all mortgage brokers use Calyx Point.

Calyx Loan Origination Software Pricing

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Calyx WebCaster costs $24.95 per month.

Calyx Software Contact Information

Calyx Software has offices across the United States, with its corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. Calyx has a national sales and support center in Dallas, Texas. The training center is located in Tustin, California, with classes conducted nationwide.