logo e1295632060441Optimal Blue is a business that specializes im developing a Product Eligibility and Pricing Engine (PPE). What their products do is simplify the process, helping loan originators find the best rates automatically to meet their clients’ needs and lock them in. It reduces the need for additional man hours that manual research requires and can help better ensure client satisfaction. There are a variety of different products offered by Optimal Blue that all fall into this realm. Loan originators can choose the option that’s best for them.

Optimal Blue PPE Products

  • Optimal Lender – this product provides clients with access to a lot of information that loan originators typically would (eliminating the need for a middle man, but effectively, the services are still provided by a mortgage broker).  Automatic and manual locking are part of this package.
  • Optimal Execution – this product focuses more upon loan execution by monitoring price movements and matching locked loans.
  • Optimal Rate Sheet – a product that provides comprehensive lists of rates and it can match investor delivery times with lock rates.
  • Optimal Products – a combination of all of the above.


History of Optimal Blue from the ‘About Us’ Page

Having pioneered the concept and created the first internet-based product and pricing engine in the 90’s, the founders of Optimal Blue have leveraged their experience to develop the most accurate and effective secondary marketing automation platform on the market today.

Our team of dedicated, intelligent and mortgage-savvy individuals are committed to ensuring every experience you have with us exceeds your expectations.

As a nimble, privately held enterprise, we are able to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. This flexibility has allowed us to keep up with the incredible pace of change the industry has endured during the course of the past year.

Today, with hundreds of lenders across the US and UK leveraging our services to manage their secondary marketing department requirements and deliver more margin from their business, we have proven to be the most reliable, accurate and trustworthy source for product pricing and eligibility solutions.

Demo and Contact Information for Optimal Blue

Optimal Blue offers demonstrations and also guarantees its services.  Contact information for the company is dependent upon your needs, whether you’re a current of prospective client, and which region you reside in, so visit their contact page!