LeadPress is proud to announce that we are now compatible with LoanSifter’s Consumer Portal 3.0, LoanSifter Rate Tables and Full 1003 Suite! Consumer Portal 3.0 enables you to create custom lead generation forms for your LeadPress mortgage website and give real time mortgage rate quotes based on your current bank pricing when a form is filled out. LoanSifter rate tables enable you to publish real time mortgage rate tables on your website based on your existing bank pricing. Finally the LoanSifter Full 1003 Suite give the ability to offer fully customizable 1003 mortgage applications on your website.

LeadPress with LoanSifter Integration

  • Real time mortgage rate quotes based on your selected bank pricing
  • Real time rate quote tables on your website that reflect real time pricing based on your bank pricing
  • Customizable lead generation forms so  you can choose which information you collect
  • Easy LoanSifter integration, just add your LoanSifter customer ID in the LeadPress dashboard to integrate LoanSifter!

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Simple LoanSifter Integration

Once your LoanSifter account is set up, integration with LeadPress is as easy as adding your LoanSifter customer ID to your LeadPress dashboard and you’re ready to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Have Questions?

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