logo 2For loan originators new to the industry, the start up can be a challenging process. VLender offers web building and software solutions that provide professionals with all the tools that they need to streamline their business activities. The web design is taken care of from start to finish, and then a complete business practice management system is installed.  The main product by VLender is Virtual Lender®. Virtual Lender’s systems can be purchased for setup for one user or for multiple. The complete system provides far more than just web design although that is how the process begins, and it allows loan originators to manage all the new business that their professional website has drawn in.

Virtual Lender® Web Design and Software Features

  • This system can be purchased for use by one individual loan originator or by multiple within the same organization
  • Web design is simple to complete with templates to choose from, and the ability to make unlimited content changes
  • Demand generation leads is a feature included with the website development that allows visitors to obtain free industry reports, which will provide loan originators with lead generation information that’s beneficial to business
  • Mortgage applications can be integrated directly into the website. Originators can choose to use the 1003 Application or The Secure Express Prequalification. It’s also possible to install both.
  • The Business Process Management system includes the main BPM dashboard which provides real time mortgage originator resources like mortgage rates,  the ability to compare market charts, and complete loan updates
  • The lead management component makes new business easy to track. There’s also a client for life utility that makes it simple to update and manage information that can allow for follow up

History From the Virtual Lender ‘About Us’ Page

Mortgage Internet Technologies, Inc. (vLender.Com) is a software development company founded in 1997 by mortgage industry professionals, providing nationwide Internet based point of sale mortgage websites, marketing, and process flow management solutions to the mortgage industry. The company’s proprietary flagship technology is called the Virtual Lender. The Virtual Lender completely automates the process of creating a full service online loan origination web site and business process management system for the mortgage loan officer.

vLender.Com’s online Internet foundation currently delivers the Virtual Lender® web suite of products and services to a network of thousands of mortgage professionals nationwide. The company specializes in providing Internet lending solutions to the following markets:

  • Individual Mortgage Loan Originators
  • Retail Mortgage Lenders
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Mortgage Net Branch Operations
  • Banks with Mortgage Divisions
  • Credit Unions with Mortgage Divisions

Vlender Mortgage Website History

vLender.Com was founded in 1997 and pioneered the launch of the industry’s first automated web origination & online marketing system for the mortgage professional and coined the phrase “Virtual Lender” with the launch of the official Virtual Lender® web system. Since 1997 over 60 Billion dollars in online loan production has originated through the Virtual Lender® system. The company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and is proud to continue to set the benchmark for web origination technology.

VLender Pricing and Contact Information

Pricing for a single loan originator (executive user) starts at $49.95 a month with a $489 setup fee. For 10 enterprise users the setup fee is $4995 and $29.95 per month. Periodic promotions to reduce the setup fee are available and VLender will provide a quote for larger service packages.

Depending upon your preference, you can contact VLender by phone, email or live chat.