CallStudy FeaturenobuttonHow many times do you follow up on your mortgage leads? Three times? Four times? Leads360 has released a white paper showing that their research indicates that 6 times is an optimal number of times to follow up your leads.

This white paper claims that call prospects six times, raises your probability of contact to 93%! The moral of the story is don’t stop at three or four tries, work the lead at least 6 times and time will bare out that the extra effort will have a payoff.

From the White Paper:

This study illustrates how lead management systems like Leads360, allow you to make the most out of the sales leads you already have. Learn about:

  • Visibility -Realize how proper visibility over you sales process can have significant impact on your bottom line.
  • Persistence -Understand when your sales team should continue to pursue, or give up on a lead.
  • Workflow– Learn how enforcing a workflow with a lead management system ensures that best practices are followed, and that you are getting the most out of your leads.