offers mortgage website design and mortgage website hosting for people in the mortgage industry. There are two different strategies that they use in their designs as they either create a website for a single loan agent or for a business or financial institution. They offer three different types of website packages called Bronze Series, Silver Series of Gold series. The gold is the most comprehensive offering absolutely everything an established mortgage business could require to offer optimal customer service. The features essentially allow loan officers to run most aspects of their business right through their website, but there is also a clean and modern design.

Morsystems Gold Series Web Design Package

  • The ability to personalize your website in design and content. This includes mortgage and lending information, images, custom banners and more
  • Individual loan agent pages can be setup for a website that is designed for a business
  • It’s possible to setup referral partner pages
  • Three different loan applications can be added to the website that allow visitors to get prequalified, receive a custom quote or fill out a complete application for loan approval
  • Interest rates and APRs can be posted automatically
  • A live chat can be built into the website in order to offer borrowers customer service conveniently
  • Subprime and credit repair information can be included along with borrowers calculators
  • A client testimonial page can be included
  • All web owners have the opportunity to use a web-based application to manage their site

Of course, there are the smaller packages available, but this is the one that provides the greatest number of useful features for loan originators.

Morsystems Background from their ‘Our Company Page’

MorSystem’s board is comprised of a diverse team of professionals. Richard Whitworth, President and CEO has served as President of Nations MortgageBanc for 22 years. He has been a technology leader in the broker end of the business for the past 9 years, developing first a “low tech” video to assist borrowers in completing the loan application form. That video led to the idea of building the Borroware® client loan application software, written so even a first time home buyer can complete the application – the success of that software coupled with Richard’s advanced mortgage broker web site technologies led him to establish MorSystems.

Prices and Contact Information

The package pricing is as follows

Gold Series – $799 per year or $74 per month

Silver series – $499 per year of $45.75 per month

Bronze series – $249 per year or $23 per month

The best package depends upon the size of your business and your particular needs. There is the option to add on additional features to the package you choose as well if the smaller one is more appropriate but it’s lacking something you need!