Broker OutpostBroker Outpost offers a couple of different things that are helpful to industry professionals, most notably a forum for information sharing. This part of the site is free to use with registration, but they do also offer a premium membership that provides a few different services for loan originators to manage their leads, links and more for the improvement of their business.  At Broker Outpost it’s also possible to sign up to get your name as a loan originator on their broker directory which can bring greater visibility. Honestly, this site may not look like much aesthetically, but it does have a whole lot to offer! The resources shared at Broker Outpost are most ideal for those going through the mortgage officer qualification process but helps with those that are already in operation as well.

Broker Outpost Mortgage Blog

The Broker Outpost blog is one area of the website that loan originators don’t actually need to login to access, as many other parts of the site are visible only to those that have premium memberships. The blog really focuses upon every industry relevant topic. There is information about how to find leads, preparing for tests, rate tools and more.

Getting Started with Broker Outpost

To have access to the basic features on the site, beyond the blog, it’s necessary to register a basic free account. Once that’s approved, you can then move on and upgrade to a premium account if that’s of interest to you!

Broker Outpost Contact Information

The best way to contact Broker Outpost is to use the following email address: [email protected]