Mortgage website design by Oppenheimer Group

The Oppenheimer Group is a mortgage and real estate industry website design company that promises to deliver more than just a cookie cutter industry website. Their focus is upon building an attractive webpage that will also perform well from an SEO perspective. They also make their sites easy to navigate for prospective clients so they aren’t turned off when they can’t find the application forms or a method to request mortgage rate information.

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The Oppenheimer Group does build the designs of their websites from templates. There are 4 to choose from under the mortgage category and 1 main template design for real estate professional’s websites.

Oppenheimer Group’s Strategies

  • This mortgage website design group is listed as a qualified in paid and organic SEO by Google
  • The group will rebuild websites or start them from scratch to improve SEO strategies of a mortgage professional’s website
  • ‘On page’ website optimization for SEO is their main focus, and these services include ensuring that file names are SEO friendly, that all pages use the appropriate title and header tags, and text optimization using meta tags
  • Off page services like link building are also available, but they are outside of the standard package offered
  • The strategy can be geared to one target market as part of the initial package, but additional locations, cities etc can be selected for an added cost
  • a 1003 mortgage application can be imported into the website

The Oppenheimer Group’s Process

  • They promise quick development and say that typically 2-3 days is all that will be required before a client can review their new website design
  • The are only 4 main templates to choose from, but it is possible for clients to choose the main colors and other details that they’d prefer
  • By request the will design custom websites or add additional pages to existing mortgage templates

Oppenheimer Group Pricing and Contact Information

A startup package from Oppenheimer starts at $599 and this includes one target market in the strategy. Prices vary for those that want to add on additional markets, extra pages or have a custom website design completed.

To get in touch with Oppenheimer Group there is a contact form or you can call 717-569-2484