Every day mortgage companies invest money into offline mortgage broker marketing activities such as direct mail, flyers, radio and TV, among others for the purpose of generating exclusive mortgage broker leads. While careful thought and consideration is given to these offline mortgage marketing activities, many times very little thought is given to how their current mortgage broker web site directly affects the success of these activities and ultimately, the ability to generate mortgage broker leads.

FACT: Most prospects today consult your mortgage web site BEFORE contacting you after they are exposed to your offline advertising – This means that the wrong website will directly hurt your offline advertising ROI and ability to generate mortgage leads.

Cautious – In today’s market environment, prospects are more cautious than ever in choosing a mortgage broker to work with. Simply being exposed to your offline mortgage advertising is many times not enough to convince a prospect to contact your company.

Since today’s borrower often needs more reason than simply being exposed to your offline advertising to contact you, they often turn to your mortgage broker website to:

  • Learn About Your Company and Services
  • Build Trust With Your Company
  • Build a Rapport With Your Company

A Quality Mortgage Website is No Longer Optional

When prospects visit a mortgage broker web site to build trust, the mortgage lead generation process is short-circuited if the mortgage website they visit is generic, outdated or generally unprofessional. Unfortunately, this is the case with many of the mortgage web sites offered by mortgage broker website design companies today. Additionally, most mortgage broker websites today break basic rules of mortgage lead generation which assure that users will abandon your mortgage website before you have a chance to even speak with them.

For the reasons above, mortgage brokers that choose to “save money” by utilizing cheap or free mortgage website services are in fact seriously damaging the success of all of their offline mortgage broker marketing activities resulting in a reduction of mortgage broker leads generated. The prospect’s process of building trust means that today, more than ever, the mortgage website plays an important and essential role in mortgage broker lead generation and directly affects your offline mortgage marketing ROI. You will generate less mortgage leads if you do not have the right mortgage website.

Leadpress Tip: Something is Not Better Than Nothing

Many mortgage brokers find themselves unable to afford a quality mortgage web site or are simply holding off to get the right site until they fund their next deal. It’s a tough market and this is understandable, but many of these mortgage brokers will setup a “Free” mortgage broker website such as those offered by Alamode or the like thinking that “something is better than nothing”. For the reasons outlined above, if you drive traffic from your offline mortgage marketing activities you will experience high levels of abandonment when visitors see the lack of professionalism exhibited by your site. You will never hear from these visitors again and you have lost the one opportunity for conversion that existed.

To avoid this loss of conversion, you are much better off NOT sending these visitors to a less than professional mortgage broker web site, but by forcing them to call you directly so that you at least have an opportunity to build rapport and show them how you can help them. The alternative is sending them to a dead end website where a loss of conversion is all but guaranteed. In this case, something is not better than nothing and any savings realized with a “Free” site are an illusion since you are guaranteed to lose more money and deals than you are “saving”.