PriceMyLoan is an automated underwriting tool that can really change the way that mortgage originators do business. It takes a process that may have once been time consuming when done manually and delivers consumers the information that they require to make a decision about their mortgage efficiently and automatically. While in many ways this is actually a tool that helps prospective borrowers, in the end the convenience of it and the increased efficiency can help improve the business of a mortgage broker greatly. What’s particularly interesting about Price My Loan is that it even has a mobile application, so people can get mortgage information from wherever they are any time!

Features of Price My Loan

The benefits to a loan originator are fairly obvious, but here are some of the features that consumers will appreciate to contribute to them:

  • Automatic underwriting – the complete underwriting process including conditions and stipulations that makes loan approval fast
  • Live credit data – a prospective borrower’s information is verified automatically to see where they stand financially. Any details that make certain borrowers fall into the risk category are flagged for easy decision making regarding the loans
  • Loan adjustments – there are loan level adjustments applied based on constantly updated rate sheets


Price My Loan History from their ‘About Us’ Page

“PriceMyLoan is a proprietary product of Insight Lending Solutions (ILS). Founded in 2002, Insight Lending Solutions (ILS) is a web-based application service provider for the mortgage lending industry. ILS provides software as a service (SaaS) to its clients to enhance productivity, reduce IT dependency and accelerate time-to-value for mortgage companies. ILS provides its clients with advanced technology solutions that result in shorter loan cycle times, improved pull-through rates, and higher productivity – all at a lower total cost. ILS is a privately-held company.”

Promised Accuracy from Price My Loan

Price My Loan guarantees that there data will be 100% accurate, which is something that can be lacking. But they offer an accuracy test. Before committing, it’s possible to give the system a whirl using a private testing suite.

Price My Loan Pricing and Contact Information

In order to get a quote, its necessary to contact them directly to see how one of their systems can best be integrated. There is a form online to do so, or you can use the information below.

16842 Von Karman Ave, Suite 450
Irvine, CA 92606
(888) 285-3912 toll-free
(714) 957-6335 main
(714) 957-6336 fax
[email protected]