provides mortgage coaching, mortgage sales, rate watch and mortgage educational services. Members are given access to the Opportunity Optimizer sales presentation software, forums, a video community, leader blogs, weekly coaching, webinars and more.

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The 6 Step Opportunity Optimizer Process

The Opportunity Optimizer takes basic borrower data and creates a series of charts and graphs as part of a six-step process that illustrates the opportunity that the client has for optimizing his or her equity. The six steps are as follows:

  1. Financial Snapshot
  2. Financial Scorecard
  3. Liquidity Builder
  4. Asset Maximizer
  5. Portfolio Optimizer™
  6. Mortgage Coach Proposal

MortgageCoach Equity Optimizer

From the “About Us” page:

1997, Dave Savage and Greg Wexler established WowTools and introduced Mortgage Coach to the industry. Initial offerings included the Total Cost Analysis and RateWatch™ reports. These tools were created as a result of feedback and ideas from Loan Officers committed to bringing value and creating trust with the homeowners they serve. Today, Mortgage Coach continues to build upon the foundation layed by Dave and Greg; Beyond our software solutions, Mortgage Coach has created a community where Loan Officers share and learn best practices and keen strategies to increase sales performance while continuing to build value and trust with homeowners.

Mortgage Coach is actively endorsed and used by lenders, bankers, and brokerages, including most of the nation’s top 200 loan originators. Unique and powerful tools empower loan officers to improve closing ratios, increase referrals and grow revenues. Mortgage Coach equips mortgage professionals with invaluable insights and patented reports to show borrowers how to create more wealth by integrating the mortgage decision into their financial plan. Borrowers benefit from knowledgeable advice while originators reap the rewards of attaining the trust and referrals of prospects and clients alike.

RateWatch Program Benefits via

  • Protect the pricing quoted to your clients and keep your promises
  • Maximize profits on every loan
  • Avoid surprising midday re-pricing
  • Ensure that loans are locked in at the right time

Educational Overview Offerings via

  • Mortgage Coach Fundamentals
  • Divorce Planning Part 1 – Anatomy
  • Divorce Planning Part 2 – Marketing
  • Maximized Seller Buy Down
  • Getting Referrals from CPAs and Financial Planners

MortgageCoach Pricing and Contact Information

MortgageCoach charges $695 annually, which breaks down to $57.91 per month. MortgageCoach also offers a re-pricing alert service called RateWatch that costs $300 per year.

Mortgage Coach is located at 20 Fairbanks, Suite 174, Irvine CA 92618.  They can be reached at 949-608-3000.