nrAll professionals working in the mortgage industry need to make sure that they remain on top of well…everything that’s happening in the industry in order to deliver the best possible services to their clients. You never know what random piece of information you may be required to have when sitting down for a chat about mortgage options with a prospective borrower, so it’s best to always be prepared. The Niche Report promises to deliver more than the obvious industry information to subscribers. The bulk of the information is available right on the website posted as independent articles but there is also a magazine subscription option!

Topic Categories on the Niche Report

On this website, online content is divided into three different categories for ease of searching. The categories are as follows:

  • Blogs – the blog posts really delve into just about every topic area, but tend to be less in-depth than what you’ll find in some of the other sections of the mortgage news website
  • Articles – these written pieces are much more in-depth than the content that is featured under the blog category, although topic areas between the two do cross
  • News – the news section is what is especially important for mortgage professionals to keep an eye on so you’re always in the loop and are one step ahead with the latest news and information!

Other Mortgage Resources on The Niche Report

In addition to the written content on The Niche Report, there is also a job board for mortgage professionals interested in changing their career or at least moving to a different lender. Also, if you’re in the industry and love to write, you can contribute to their site as well and increase your own exposure in a positive way!

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