UPDATE: Think Big Work Small is no longer in business.

Think Big Work Small is a database and complete system for mortgage and real estate professionals that takes sales to the next level by incorporating a video marketing engine into their service structure. Video marketing is an essential tool that has even more importance in an industry where making a positive impression is key to sales success. Think Big Work Small helps real estate and mortgage entreprneurs work smarter to build success rather than harder.

How Think Big Work Small Mortgage Video Marketing Works

  • The Think Big Work Small system actually works with your existing database and helps you develop your video marketing tools  to help with your real estate and mortgage industry sales efforts
  • Videos of any length can be created provided they are 75 Mb or under
  • You can control
  • which people in your database can view your videos once they’re completed. They can be made visible to one person or to everyone. Videos are archived aftera period of time, and individual videos in those archives can either be locked for viewing or available on an ongoing basis.
  • TBWS will verify that no purchased contact list has been uploaded to your database, which means spamming is not a function of this system

History of Think Big Work Small from the “About Us” Page

Thinkbigworksmall.com (TBWS) was founded in 2007 by a group of highly successful real estate and mortgage industry entrepreneurs. Born in the most battered market in the real estate and mortgage industry’s history, Thinkbigworksmall.com was conceived after decades of observing how the most successful professionals always seem to work smarter not harder.
It was the little things they did that made all the difference. TBWS was created to perfect and refine business tools and practices that take a minimum of effort or training, but that deliver significant, predictable results.

Powerful Video Communications Platform

During a 4 month study of nearly 1,000 industry professionals in 2008, the users of TBWS’s Video Marketing Engine 2.0 showed a 67% increase in production over a control group during the same period. One small change in how they stayed in contact with their databases – through video – made all the difference for these real estate and mortgage professionals.

Think Big Work Small Pricing and Contact Information

Think Big Work Small doesn’t require individuals to sign a contract.  It’s possible to use the service month-to-month at a rate of $49.95.

Email : [email protected]
Phone : 707-432-1051
Postal Mail : 3700 Hilborn Road Ste 700 Fairfield CA 94534