ocOpenclose develops Service as a Solution (Saas) software for the mortgage and real estate industry. They truly offer an all-in-one package that puts loan originators in the best position to market themselves. They offer website building, a loan origination system and a pricing engine as their more traditional services. But, what makes them more interesting is that they’re really making tracks moving towards modern marketing as they include social networking services as well. Loan originators that are tired of working with various service providers that have a stuffy attitude will certainly appreciate Openclose, as they’ve got a website filled with emoticons and snarky statements; but neither of these things are presented in a way that’s unprofessional, it just shows they’re with the times!

Mortgage Website Design by Openclose

Openclose designs websites, and there is hands-on activitiy from those who take control over your account which also ensures that SEO remains a focus with the content. LenderAssist is their lead generation software that’s actually built into the online site, it’s totally web-based which also makes it increasingly more conveneint and current.

Social Media by Openclose

Their unique social media services for the mortgage industry allow mortgage originators to get online and get active with their consumers if that’s something that’s they’ve already been lacking! There are a couple of packages to choose from but both of them begin with setup and various levels of engagement with clients.

From the Openclose About Us Page

We are a pioneer in developing software as a service (SaaS) for the mortgage industry. Our customers add components to their businesses as they grow while still preserving their initial investment well into the future.

“They” said an end-to-end online lending solution could not be done – so we did it. We are Web-based mortgage visionaries that didn’t just survive the mortgage meltdown, we thrived. All of our clients are US based mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers so 100% of our mortgage applications are developed here in the U.S. We speak your language – literally. And all of our developers are employed full-time that means there’s no finger pointing.

Openclose Pricing and Contact Information

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 561.655.6418 ext. 152
Monday through Friday, 8AM – 8PM EST