logo 1eTrafficers combines two essential services that loan officers require to run a successful business; website hosting and development, and lead generation. There are multiple packages that loan originators can choose from to meet their needs, and these depend upon the size of the company. A smaller package is appropriate for a single loan originator, and a larger one is better for an organization with multiple branches. eTrafficers focuses upon building consistency with websites as well, so if there are multiple linked together; for example, a company website, with separate branch websites and then websites for each loan originator, they’re all designed to look and feel the same.

The tools that come with the eTrafficers website packages also allow for file storage, automatic rate alerts that get sent out, and lots of options for design. It actually appears as though eTrafficers has far more layout and design choices than many of their competitors which is a great reason to make use of their services.

Mortgage Lead System from eTrafficers

  • the methods used include keyword targeting in real time through major search engines, and they are only sent to the companies selected by the borrower. What this means is that any leads sent my eTrafficer are from interested parties
  • When a lead is generated, it’s delivered immediately by email or text to make sure  loan originators can contact their prospective clients immediately
  • Leads are legitimate, there are no gimmicks used to attract them
  • the volume of the leads is based upon what the mortgage company can handle

Sources of leads are legitimate and renowned sites like HomeLoanSearch.com, MortgageLocators.com and QuickRefinance.com.

eTrafficers Website Add-On Options

In addition to the base web development services, eTrafficers offers a number of different plugins such as:

  • an application center
  • mortgage calculators that visitors will have access to
  • site analysis and custom logo design to enhance the web design services

eTraffic Pricing and Contact Information

With eTraffic, there is no contract required. Mortgage originators supply their own registered domain and pay on a monthly basis after an initial setup fee for the design is paid. Depending upon the package chosen, setup ranges from $199 to $499 and the monthly rate is between $35 and $75.

Phone: 1.801.221.9400
Facsimile: 1.801.221.9401
Mail: 460 N University Ave., Suite 100, Provo, UT 84601